How to Save Money with a Food Dehydrator


saving_money_food_dehydratoIf you’ve ever bought dried fruit or dried meat (jerky) then you’ll know just how expensive it is. For 500g good quality jerky you could be looking at anywhere between $10 and $25 and dried fruits can cost up to $5 for a 500g bag too. That amounts to quite a lot when you calculate how much you might eat over one month. Perhaps you don’t eat as much dried food as you’d like to because of the cost. Either way, you can save money with a food dehydrator and could make a considerable return on investment after the first four times that you use it. In this guide, we’re going to explain exactly how to save money with a food dehydrator.

A good quality food dehydrator will typically cost between $40 and $80, so it’s not going to take long before the savings you make on buying dried food make up this cost. You might be wondering how much it costs to run a dehydrator per day. They’re actually very low-wattage and as Ron Popeil explains in his own Ronco food dehydrator infomercial, the cost comes to around $0.30 or $0.40 per 24 hours.

You can save money with a food dehydrator in a huge variety of ways, drying fruit (banana chips and strawberry slices to add to cereal, thick apple slices to give to teething babies, grapes into raisins for a lunch box etc.), vegetables (carrots and peas to add to soup, parsnip slices for crisps), bread crumbs, meats (to make into jerky, or dried bacon to crumble over a salad) and even flowers to use in art, or clay for jewelry and ornaments. Using a food dehydrator allows you to be creative with your dried foods too: add different pieces of fruit to your fruit roll ups, and dry some unusual, exotic fruits like papaya, lychee and watermelon to add to your cereal, cakes or just to eat on their own.

Saving money with a food dehydrator is best done when you weigh up the cost of fresh fruit, vegetables, meat and other foods with the cost of buying them ready-dried. In the majority of cases you will find it’s much cheaper to use your dehydrator, especially when you can buy great quality meat when it’s just been reduced in price, and make it into delicious jerky. What’s more, if you have too much fresh fruit or too many vegetables and you think they will start to go moldy before you can eat them all, then dehydrating solves the problem and you can store them for months.

If you think that saving money with a food dehydrator makes sense to you, then we recommend you browse our By Brand and By Type pages to see the models that are on sale right now.