How to Make Beef Jerky at Home


beef_jerkyMaking beef jerky at home has a huge number of merits, not least because it cuts the large costs of buying it ready made and ready packaged from the grocery store. What we love most about homemade beef jerky made in a dehydrator is that you have complete control over how it turns out.

Once you learn how to make beef jerky at home the choice is yours. Choose which jerk seasoning you use, what marinade, even what meat and whether that meat is sliced or ground. You can tailor your jerky to exactly how you and your family enjoy it the most.

To make beef jerky at home, you must first marinade and season your beef. Slices of no thicker than 5 mm need just one minute of marinading before they’ve soaked enough up for flavor. Many people then put their slices straight into the dehydrator, but this runs the risk of breeding harmful bacteria within the meat. It’s best to cook this off for a couple of minutes at 160 degrees fahrenheit (or shallow fry in oil until the meat is piping hot throughout). If you’re using ground beef then this can also be fried, and you can add the seasoning and sauce whilst cooking.

Next, simply place your beef slices onto your dehydrator tray, turn the device on and leave it to dry for about 3 days on a relatively low setting. That’s it! Now you know how to make beef jerky at home.

Manufacturers such as NESCO produce accessories to help out with making beef jerky at home, such as the ‘Jerky Gun’. To use this product you fill it with ground beef, mixed with the spices and jerk seasoning of your choice. Simply squeeze the jerky mixture from the end and straight onto your dehydrator for drying. This is a great option if you like making beef jerky from your leftover cuts of meat, or you often find ground beef on sale in your supermarket and would like to make use of it.

Making beef jerky at home is a very simple process, and while you will have to wait three days for the result, the preparation takes no longer than 10 minutes. As a way to save money and create your own delicious beef jerky, we highly recommend it.