How to Make Banana Chips

Banana chips have been a popular sweet snack all over the world for a number of decades. There are, however, two problems with buying banana chips from the grocery store: 1. they’re expensive 2. they’re packed full of sugar and preservatives. Many people choose to make their own banana chips to free them from this problem (and the[…]

Deer Jerky Recipes

Deer Jerky, or Venison jerky as it is also known, is something of a delicacy in the US. It’s an affordable one, but many people see this food as a treat, as it is often so expensive to buy in stores. If you are a hunter, however, or you know of somewhere that you can buy deer shoulders[…]

Beef Jerky Recipe

There is nothing wrong with slicing beef and putting the slices straight into your dehydrator appliance to be dried without a marinade, but to eat them as a snack is often unsatisfying. Our beef jerky recipe is a simple one, using ingredients found in most people’s kitchens, and while we suggest you let the meat marinade overnight, this[…]