How to Dehydrate Eggs

Dehydrated eggs are a foodstuff used in cooking and baking. They are exactly what their name suggests, and they’re essentially eggs that have had all of the moisture drawn out of them. Dehydrated eggs can be stored for many years (when sealed in the right packaging) without going moldy or going stale. They act in just the same[…]

How to Dry Figs

Thousands of people across the US have a fig tree or two in their garden. Those people will know all too well that sometimes a harvest will be particularly ‘fruitful’, and then you find yourself overrun with figs and no idea how to use them. Food dehydrators are incredibly useful in this way, because they dry fruits, vegetables[…]

How to Dehydrate Food

Dehydrating foods has fast become a popular way of food preparation over the past 20 to 30 years. People have begun to realize that owning a food dehydrator in their own home could hold a plethora of benefits, from saving them money on dried fruit and jerky bought from the grocery store, to allowing them to make dried[…]

How to Choose the Right Food Dehydrator

Choosing the right food dehydrator for you and your family all comes down to two main things: assessing your needs, and reading reviews. You should start off by asking yourself what kind of food you’re looking to dehydrate. Do you grow a lot of your own fruit and vegetables? If so, drying them before they go moldy is[…]

How to Save Money with a Food Dehydrator

If you’ve ever bought dried fruit or dried meat (jerky) then you’ll know just how expensive it is. For 500g good quality jerky you could be looking at anywhere between $10 and $25 and dried fruits can cost up to $5 for a 500g bag too. That amounts to quite a lot when you calculate how much you[…]

Dehydrating Vegetables

Many people buy dehydrators with the sole intention of drying fruit, as it’s very expensive to buy ready-dried from grocery stores, and drying is a great way of ensuring your fresh fruit doesn’t spoil. But what about dehydrated vegetables? It’s certainly possible to dehydrate vegetables just as it is with fruit and meat, and there are a huge[…]

How to Dehydrate Meat

There’s no denying that jerky is one of the US’ favorite snacks, but there’s also no denying that it’s expensive, and many people see it as a big treat in their weekly grocery shop. This is the main reason that many people are turning to the food dehydrator – this simple appliance allows anyone to make their own[…]

Dehydrating Apples

Dehydrating apples is a simple process, but one that can have a number of outcomes depending on which way you carry it out. Using apple slices just a few millimeters smaller than the next could mean you have apple chips instead of dried apple rings, and you can use each type for different purposes. Dehydrating apples in a[…]

Dehydrating Fruits

Where does dehydrated fruit come from and how is it made? Chances are these things have never crossed your mind, because you’ve been buying your dried fruit straight from the grocery store, sealed in a zip lock bag and ready to eat. In fact, dehydrating fruits is incredibly easy, and costs half the amount it does to buy[…]

How to Make Fruit Leathers

If you don’t know what fruit leathers are or how to make fruit leathers then don’t worry, you’ve probably seen them in the grocery store under the brand name ‘Fruit Roll Ups’. They’re marketed as a healthy treat made from dried fruit puree and juice, but the unfortunate reality is that most fruit leathers sold in stores are[…]